London Exchange is an American band, originally from Miami, Florida, primarily consisting of Christopher Phipps and Martin Davis; the duo reconvened the band in 2009 with original drummer Tim Gavin rejoining them briefly in 2012. The group's breakout hit was 1989 "Memories of You" a dance-freestyle-synthpop hit, it went to No.1 on Miami's Top 50 Dance Hits and No.5 on WPOW Power 96, Miami's leading CHR/Dance Music Radio Station the song also charted on 27 other Billboard reporting stations across the US and was reviewed in Billboard Magazine.

The group has a loyal fan base in select US cities, Brazil, Spain and Russia. London Exchange was part of the American response to the Second British Invasion. Formed in 1988 London Exchange brought together elements of New Wave, Dance and Freestyle that was taking off in the USA and Europe in the late 80's. The band went on to Chart (3) 12" singles "Memories Of You" (1989),"Lost Without Your Touch"(1990) and "Girl Inside The Magazine"(1991).

Touring the US and world wide exposure has made this Band a staple of Radio and Club/DJ’s worldwide! Marking their 20th Anniversary in (2009) the band released “Fall Apart” included on “ReMix -Remodel”, the (Junior Kane & Arvy) Remix of “Memories of You”  went to #5 on topping out David Guetta on the largest internet radio station in Brazil.

There love of Art and Film gained the attention of Artist Hajaime Sorayama who has contributed images along with Leonard Nimoy lending one of his epic “Star Trek” quotes for this unique release. In (2010) London Exchange received recognition from Miami Dance Music Awards for there contributions to Miami Music. This honor along with the release of “We Are Not Together” was a comeback year. WEPA.FM the Nations #1 Latin American Dance Music Internet Radio put the band back on the map in Miami and also to there audience worldwide! In (2011) George Acosta  released EP “Memories of You” Remix on ACO Music/ Black Hole Recordings. GA was credited as Americas Best DJ in 2007 and is a Grammy Nominated Artist/Producer.

The band also released the new Single “FOREVER” Produced by  Alex DJ Sect out of Moscow! In (2012/2013) a new EP TRILOGIES 1989-1991/2009-2011 was released and also a new single “Time Will Tell”including a Remix by Legendary Miami Producer and BMI Producer/Songwriter of the year Lewis Martinee. The band is currently doing select shows recently opening the I Love 80’s Music Festival in Miami in 2018 and has plans for a new release in 2019 commemorating there thirty year anniversary!!!

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  • Single “Memories of You” 1989 Merlin

  • Single “Lost Without Your Touch 1990

  • Single “Girl Inside The Magazine” 1991

  • Album “Re-mix/Re-model” 2009 Merlin

  • Album “Electropop 4” 2010 Conzoom

  • Single ‘We Are Not Together’ 2010 Merlin

  • Single “FOREVER” 2011 Merlin

  • EP  “Memories of You” (George Acosta Remix) 2011 Aco Music/ Black Hole

  • EP “TRILOGIES” 2012 Merlin

  • Single “Time Will Tell”  2012 Merlin

  • EP “Time Will Tell” Lewis Martinee Remix 2013 Merlin


Merlin, Conzoom, DURA, ACO Music/Black Hole Recording

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